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Monthly Amount: This is the monthly installment that you need to pay for this scheme.
Jeweller's Discount: This is the bonus from the jeweller after the successful completion of the scheme.
Monthly Amount: Rs.500.00

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Scheme Details

Swarna Mulya Scheme

Min. Amount You pay Prakash Pays Savings Scheme Duration (Months)
500 12 Months 1 Months 8.3% 12

Scheme Details:

You, as members subscribe to this scheme by paying Rs500/- per month(or multiples of Rs 500/-) for 12 months. On maturity, you will get a bonus of Rs 500/- added to the amount paid by you. Thus, you get (Rs6,000 + Rs500) Rs 6500/- to buy gold or diamond jewellery of your choice. See the Payment Plan for more details.

Installment for 12 months Total Amount Bonus equal to one month installment Value of Jewellery you can purchase
500 6,000 500 6,500
1,000 12,000 1,000 13,000
1,500 18,000 1,500 19,500
2,000 24,000 2,000 26,000
2,500 30,000 2,500 32,500
3,000 36,000 3,000 39,000
3,500 42,000 3,500 45,500
4,000 48,000 4,000 52,000
The gold jewellery has to be bought from Prakash Showroom.

Payment Plan


Monthly Instalment =Rs1000/- per month
Advance Amount = Rs 0/-
Scheme Duration =12 months
Service Tax: As per prevailing rate

Payment Plan for Jewellery Scheme 1000 
Month No. Monthly Instalment Bonus Cumulative Savings Jewellery Worth Rs
1 1000 - 1000 1000
2 1000 - 2000 2000
3 1000 - 3000 3000
4 1000 - 4000 4000
5 1000 - 5000 5000
6 1000 - 6000 6000
7 1000 - 7000 7000
8 1000 - 8000 8000
9 1000 - 9000 9000
10 1000 - 10000 10000
11 1000 - 11000 11000
12 1000 1000* 12000 13000
 * Customers will be eligible for bonus only on completion of 12 payments.


  1. Monthly Instalment should be paid by 7th of every month. Monthly instalment is fixed and cannot be carried over or paid in advance.
  2. The installment amount will be converted to gold/silver in grams at the prevailing rate for 22 carat purity and credited to the member’s account on the date of remittance. This is applicable only to Gold Weight Accumulation based Schemes.
  3. For the Value accumulation Scheme, the Member shall be able to redeem the accumulated value of the Total Scheme Amount for an equivalent gold ornament based on the prevailing gold rate on the day of redemption. The gold rate shall be calculated as per 22 carat purity.
  4. At the time of purchase, the members are entitled to purchase equivalent quantity of gold jewellery/silver articles accumulated in the account only. Wastage, making charges, stone charges and other charges, applicable taxes to be borne by the Member unless stated otherwise in the Scheme details.
  5. If the Gold Jewellery bought exceeds the amount/gold weight accumulated in the plan, the difference amount and the wastage (VA) on the excess gold weight will be paid by the member.
  6. Members paying by Credit/Debit Cards or Gift Vouchers will not have to bear the handling charges. Members can also pay their installments by ECS, PDCs and Online Transfer via
  7. Any member who pre-closes or discontinues the scheme before completion of the period will not be eligible for any of the benefits/bonus of the scheme. No cash refund will be made under any circumstances and only jewellery has to be purchased at the gold/silver rate prevailing on the date of redemption.
  8. There should be atleast one payment in a month before the due date of instalment payment. Defaulting members will not be eligible for the benefits of the scheme.
  9. Maturity date will be 30 days from the date of the last payment. Even if a Member pays his/her installments in advance, they will be able to redeem their scheme amount only at the maturity period of the respective scheme
  10. The Member has to redeem the accumulated amount within 15 days of the Scheme completion
  11. The Jeweller reserves the right to alter, amend, add or delete part of the complete privileges of the scheme without any prior notice.
  12. The management is not responsible for volatility in gold/silver/diamond prices.
  13. Transferring within our various schemes will not be permitted. Also, transferring among subscribers is not allowed.
  14. The decision of the management shall be final and binding in all matters.
  15. All disputes will be subject to the competent courts under Bangalore Jurisdiction.
  16. It is agreed that all schemes are subject to the prevailing laws and government policies.
  17. The Schemes are unique and shall not be linked to any other offers or promotions, existing or future schemes.


  • Prakash Jewellers,
    19th Main Road, 1st Block, Rajajinagar, Bangalore 560010,

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