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About Us

SchemesCentral is an online marketplace that enables leading jewellery merchants to put their respective “Jewellery Saving Schemes” online and for you to view these saving schemes online. SchemesCentral allows you to search a scheme that suits your budget and from the jeweller that you trust. You can select a scheme, subscribe to it and pay your monthly subscription amount on Once your subscription plan is complete, you can redeem your savings for an ornament of your choice from the jeweller whose saving scheme, you have subscribed to. You can also view your account statements, ratings and feedback on various schemes. You can leave rating and feedback for a particular saving scheme or jeweller at your ease and convenience.
SchemesCentral caters to both Jewellery merchants and to you as customers.

SchemesCentral helps Customers to
  1. Discover details on multiple Jewellery Saving Schemes 24X7  from the comfort of your home or office.
  2. Compare & Choose, Enrol, Subscribe and Pay for the Saving Scheme online using Debit card or Credit card.
  3. Sign up to Enrol and Subscribe for Saving Schemes of Jewellers even outside your city or country of residence.
  4. Get payment reminders via email and SMS before the next payment is due.
  5. Get alerts and notifications on any new Jewellery Saving Scheme that is launched on SchemesCentral.
  6. Participate in a referral program and get benefits.
  7. Leave reviews and feedback on any Saving Scheme or Jeweller.
  8. Review feedback on various Saving Schemes on SchemesCentral and make an informed decision.
  9. Share your favourite Saving Schemes with your friends and family through Social networks like FB, Twitter, Linked-in  or emails.
So, now with SchemesCentral you can do away with the hassles of driving to the Jeweller, traffic, parking, missed payments, manual passbooks etc. and save the cost of subscription of saving schemes.

helps Jewellery Merchants to
  1. Grow your business by acquiring new customers 24X7.
  2. Increase customer reach beyond the geography that you operate in.
  3. Attract high net-worth Individuals and NRI customers who shop online.
  4. Publish and promote Saving schemes online.
  5. Send alerts and notifications to Customers via email or SMS regarding payment reminders or new schemes being launched.
  6. 24X7 Centralised Accounts Management.