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The founding team of SchemesCentral is planning to assemble inspired professionals from across the global to enable the SchemesCentral tree which is based on values learnt over many years in the industry. The tabs below depict the individual elements of the SchemesCentral tree and their respective functions.

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Careers at SchemesCentral

Open Positions

Role : Developer
As a Software Engineer, you will be working closely with our product teams to continuously build our backend systems and take features from conception to launch. As an engineer at SchemesCentral, you will be part of a exclusive group of super-strong engineers that will be building world's First Online Jewellery Saving Schemes Market place.
  1. Around 3-4 years experience with development of Web applications in Java/J2EE. Proven experience in designing architectures for web applications. Hands-on knowledge of HTML5, Javascript, EJB3, JPA, Hibernate, Spring, Tomcat, Apache, Eclipse, Git and Github, Build Scripts like Maven and Ant. Advanced Knowledge of MySQL/RDBMS/Postgres. Typesafe queries for JPA/JDO and SQL. Should know CRUDS functionality.
  2. Knowledge of Reverse Engg tools is a plus. Good hold on XML. Ability to write Excel based scripts for Bulk database Import and Export. Should have good knowledge of SQL Joins and Unions. 
  3. Functional Knowledge of e-commerce, payment gateways, online marketplaces.

Role : Sales Executive
The required candidate will responsible for selling a specific Jeweller’s Gold/Savings Schemes in store. The candidate will be:
  1. Converting the customers that walk into the Jeweller’s store
  2. Remaining focused on selling Savings Schemes of the Jeweller and not sell Jewellery
  3. Providing all information to the prospective customers on the various Savings Schemes that the Jeweller has to offer
  4. Helping the customer to fill up the forms, sign up for the scheme and help them make payments
  5. Requesting for referrals from the customers who sign up or show interest in Gold/Jewellery Savings Schemes
  6. Maintaining a log of all customers who signed up
  7. Maintaining a log of all customers with whom the first contact is made and the follow up required
  8. Following up on leads generated at the store and give a weekly report on the same
  9. Managing the Sales/Marketing Collaterals required for the sales of such schemes
  10. Managing the in-store promotional material provided by the Store or SchemesCentral
  1. A field sales person with a minimum experience of 2 years and a proven track record of achieving sales in a B2C environment
  2. Target driven, self motivated and someone who is passionate about taking up challenges
  3. Highly customer focused, professional and presentable
  4. Have a pleasant personality with effective communication and presentation skills
  5. Flexible with regards to working hours (will include evenings and weekends)

For a detailed Job Description for the specific role and responsibilities, please write to us by visiting our Contact page, or just send us an email to

Thank you for devoting your very valuable time. We like to know more. Do stay in touch!

Founders Principles
Middle Managment
Business Units
SchemesCentral Tree

Founder Principals are like the roots, searching constantly for new nourishment to give life to the whole tree


Middle management is like the trunk connecting the roots and leaves (strategy and delivery) and acting as the knowledge conduit of the organization


Business Units are like the leaves of the tree that generate oxygen (value additions to the customer) and creation of revenue to the tree


Customers are like the bees approaching the tree bearing flowers and fruits seeking honey(value).


The SchemesCentral tree is composed of all the individual elements described above