Frequently Asked Questions

I. General Questions on ''Jewellery Saving Schemes''

1.What is ''Jewellery saving Scheme''?

With the increasing gold prices, most large and mid-sized jewellers are launching Jewellery Saving Schemes. These schemes are like Systematic Investment Plans to buy gold jewellery at the end of the subscription period.

2.What is the key benefit of Jewellery Saving Schemes?

Jewellery Saving Scheme is a Systematic Investment Plan for buying jewellery. Each jeweller who offers such schemes has a bonus payout for the subscriber. E.g. You subscribe to a scheme for a period of 12 months. As a subscriber, you pay for 11 months and the 12th month instalment is paid by the jeweller. Some jewellers also give 2 months free depending on the saving scheme you choose. You can redeem the entire sum at the end of 12 months from the jeweller for a jewellery item of your choice. The rate of return to you is 9%-10%, tax free.

3.Why should people participate in a Jewellery Saving Scheme?

People who subscribe to Jewellery Saving Schemes would normally do so for any of the following reasons:

     a.Saving for personal jewellery

     b.Saving for children's jewellery

     c.Saving for gifts to friends &family

     d.Saving up for their own wedding

     e.Saving to buy jewellery on festivals like Diwali or Akshaya Tritiya

4.Who can participate in such schemes?

Everyone can participate in the Online Jewellery Saving Schemes.

     a.Working women, who would like an easy and convenient way of saving up for jewellery for themselves, their children or for gifts at weddings and other important occasions

     b.Young professionals, who would like to help their parents by contributing to the jewellery expense

     c.Married couples with children, who would like to participate in such schemes to save up for the jewellery for their children's weddings.

     d.Housewives, who participate in kitty schemes or would like to save up for jewellery from their money

     e.Older people who would like to gift to their children or grandchildren or anyone else in the family

II. About ''Jewellery Saving Schemes'' on SchemesCentral

5.What is an ''Online Jewellery Saving Scheme'' with SchemesCentral?

SchemesCentral is trying to make the Jewellery Saving Schemes from all leading and mid-sized jewellers available to customers ''online'' so that they have more choice and also the convenience to subscribe and pay online.

6.Why should I subscribe to an Online Jewellery Saving Scheme on SchemesCentral?

The Online Jewellery Saving Scheme from SchemesCentral gives you choice to view and subscribe to multiple Jewellery Saving Schemes 24X7. You also get the following additional benefits:

     a.Sign-up for free

     b.Compare and select schemes without the hassle of travel, traffic and parking

     c.Book, subscribe and pay online in the comfort of your home or office

     d.Get payment notifications/alerts through email and SMS

     e.Get promotional material through SMS and emails

     f.Get your accounts statement online anytime

     g.Ease of redemption

     h.A whole array of features that are going to be launched soon

7.Why should I subscribe from your site and not directly with the jeweller?

When you subscribe directly with a jeweller, you can subscribe only to a specific jeweller's saving schemes. You do not have the choice to view and subscribe to multiple saving schemes. You do not get account statements, notifications and alerts. You will not be able to view the reviews and feedback of other subscribers.

8.Can I refer my friends and family?

Yes, you can certainly refer your friends and family to SchemesCentral.

9.Will I get a referral incentive if I refer my friends and family?

Yes, we are going to offer referral incentives to people.

III. About Registration

10.How do I Register on SchemesCentral?

You sign up for free on website by giving your basic contact details.

11.Are my personal details secure on SchemesCentral?

Yes, your personal details are secure with SchemesCentral. Please refer our Privacy Policy and User Terms &Conditions for commitment.

12.What do I do if I forget my Password?

Go to Login tab on the landing page of Click on Forgot Password Tab, and enter your email id. Your login id and password shall be emailed to your email id immediately.

13.How do I change my Password?

You can change your password in the ''My Account'' section

14.Can I edit my personal details?

Yes, most of your personal details are editable. It can be done in the section under edit profile tab. However, you will not be able to modify your Title, Name, and Date of birth

15.What happens once I register on SchemesCentral?

As a registered user, you can view all our schemes and promotions. You can also receive information on new schemes &promotions being launched on SchemesCentral. You can also add your wishlist of jewellers whose schemes you would like to see on SchemesCentral. When you book a scheme, your registered details will be automatically filled up in the booking form.

IV. About Order Processing

16.How do I subscribe to a Jewellery Saving Scheme on SchemesCentral?

Once you have viewed all the schemes and decided on which Scheme you would like to choose, you can click on "book my order" tab and pay up the booking fee. Your booking request shall be sent to the concerned jeweller and once the jeweller approves, your booking is confirmed. You can start paying up for the chosen scheme.

17.Is the booking fee in addition to my total subscription amount?

No, the booking fee will be adjusted in your first instalment of the subscription amount.

18.How do I get information about my booking status?

We shall notify you as soon as the jeweller confirms your order. The order confirmation shall be sent to you by email &sms.

19.How soon can I get the booking confirmation?

It takes normally 5-6 working days for the order to be confirmed. During this time, we also take care of the KYC compliance requirements.

20.When do I start paying for the scheme of my choice?

Once you get the booking confirmation from us, you can login to your account on You will see an invoice from the jeweller that gives you the complete payment schedule for the entire subscription period. Once you accept the payment schedule, you can start paying towards your monthly instalment.

21.What if my order is not confirmed, will I get back my booking fee?

Yes, if the jeweller does not confirm your order, we shall refund you the full amount of the booking fee within 15 days.

V. About Payment

22.How can I pay for the Online Jewellery Saving Scheme?

You can pay online using Net-banking or Credit cards.

23.What is the minimum amount that one needs to commit to for a scheme?

This is normally dependant on the scheme that you choose. But, you can start with as low as Rs500 per month subscription.

24.What is the normal lock-in period for such schemes?

The normal lock-in period for such schemes is 12-18 months depending on the scheme you choose.

25.When do I pay for the subsequent instalments?

You can pay by the 5th of every calendar month for the subsequent instalments.

26.What if I forget to pay an instalment?

SchemesCentral will be sending you advance notifications via email and SMS to remind you of impending payments. However, if you forget to pay for an instalment, you can pay it in the next month but the duration of your overall subscription period will also get extended by a month. So, it is pay every instalment on time.

27.How can I keep track of how much I have paid?

You can login and view your account statements online 24X7.

28. What happens if I skip an instalment?

If you skip an instalment, you can pay it in the next month but the duration of your overall subscription period will also get extended by a month. So, it is advised not to skip a payment.

29. What happens if I leave a scheme mid-way?

You can redeem your savings however there will not be any free additional month from the jeweller. You can redeem your saved amount for the jewellery item of your choice.

30. How will I remember that my scheme is coming to an end?

You shall be notified via email and SMS from SchemesCentral. You can also view your Accounts statement online 24X7.

31. What if I choose different options to pay every month?

You can choose to pay via different payment options every month.

VI. About Security

32. Is my Credit/Debit card secure when I use it on your website?

We at SchemesCentral are concerned about the safety and security of our customers. Accordingly, we have put a number of technological protections in place to ensure that our transaction process is extremely safe and that our customers' information is secure. For enhanced security does not accept any financial information on its servers. All such information entered by you is directly received through our payment gateway and are then transmitted to your banks servers. All this is done through industry standard encryption protocol known as Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Majority of online transactions are completed without incident. However, please keep in mind that customer protection is a two-way street. When buying on any online venue, caution must always be practiced. Following are some guidelines that you should follow to ensure safe and secure online buying experience.

33. You can adhere to the following Safety and Security Tips

A.Protect your passwords.

     a.If using a public computer or terminal, always log out when you complete an online session.

     b.Keep your passwords private. Remember, anybody who knows your password may access your account.

     c.When creating a valid password, use letters and numbers only and it should be 6-15 characters long. A combination of letters and numbers is best. Do not use dictionary words, your name, e-mail address, or other personal information that can be easily obtained. It is also recommended that you frequently change your password.

     d.Avoid using the same password for multiple online accounts.

B.Be wary of unsolicited e-mail and telephone contacts.

     a.SchemesCentral will never e-mail or call a customer and ask that they disclose or verify their password, credit card, or banking account number. Such information should only be submitted on the web page forms, when completing an order on or when making      updates to Your Account areas and never on phone or e-mail to us. If you receive a suspicious e-mail with a link to update your account information, do not click on the link, instead go directly to and then to your account.

     b.If you are contacted by, or receive an unsolicited e-mail from an unknown entity impersonating as or any of its sister concerns or associates, and are asked to confirm or provide your password or personal or banking information, simply disregard the request and report the incident to for investigation.

     c.Customers should always carefully review order and shipment confirmation e-mails to ensure that they are legitimate and have been sent by To do this, simply cross-reference confirmation e-mails with the transaction history found in your account area

     d.A word of caution is that never disclose any confidential information such as password in any communication with us or with any of our employee.SchemesCentral will never ask for such information over e-mails or phone.

     e.If you receive an e-mail asking for personal details such as password never respond to it.

     f.A phishing email will normally have a tone of urgency - like "Your account will be temporarily suspended" and therefore please "Login to keep your account active." Please remember SchemesCentral will NEVER send such emails to its customers.

     g.If you are doubtful about the credibility of the email, please DO NOT click on any link provided in the email. This may trigger malicious codes being installed on your PC. You must report the incident to

     h.If you receive a suspected spoofed e-mail, or discover a fake website, please report the incident to

C.Ensure your Personal Computer is protected:

     a.Fraudsters send genuine-looking emails that contain viruses and Trojans (A Trojan refers to a program that appears to be safe, but hidden inside, is usually something harmful, probably a virus). These viruses / Trojans, install a malicious code on your PC without your knowledge. They extract your confidential information that fraudsters use to access your online profile / account etc.

     b.Here are a few important action points that you should bear in mind:

          i.Keep your PC updated with the latest anti-virus / anti-spyware software.

          ii.Install a personal firewall on your PC to protect your account.

          iii.Keep your PC updated with the latest security patches and, most importantly, do not click on links or open attachments in unknown or unsolicited(spam) emails.

VII. About Redemption

34.How do I redeem my savings from the Online Jewellery Saving Scheme?

At the end of your subscription period, you can download a voucher and redeem it for a jewellery of your choice from the authorized showroom of the Jeweller, whose saving scheme you have subscribed for.

35.What kind of jewellery can you buy with the credit from Online Jewellery Saving Scheme?

We shall be offering different schemes for Gold, Diamond and Platinum jewellery. You can redeem your savings for the jewellery plan that you have chosen.

36.How many saving schemes can I subscribe to at any time?

You can subscribe to multiple jewellery saving schemes at any point of time.

37.Can I redeem the savings with any jeweller?

No,you cannot redeem the savings with any jeweller but the jeweller whose saving scheme you have subscribed for.

VIII. About Cancellations &Refunds

38.What if my order is not confirmed, will I get back my booking fee?

Yes, if the jeweller does not confirm your order, we shall refund you the full amount of the booking fee within 15 days.

39.What happens if I leave a scheme mid-way?

You can redeem your savings however there will not be any free additional month from the jeweller. You can redeem your saved amount for the jewellery item of your choice.